Conditions of Sale

Health Guarantee


The seller believes the puppy to be in good health and free from any apparent health problems or defects. The puppy is up to date on all vaccines for its age, and has been check by a certified veterinarian. The buyer will receive a complete set of vaccination and health papers upon purchase of puppy.


For this guarantee to be effective, you must have you puppy examined by a certified veterinarian within ten days of purchasing the puppy.


If there is a serious health problem with the puppy it will be exchanged immediately for another puppy of equal value, or a refund will be given. The seller must be notified immediately of any health issues. The puppy must be returned along with documentation from a licensed veterinarian, that the illness or condition was contracted while in the care of the seller.


Any GENETIC or CONGENITAL problems are guaranteed for one year after the purchase of the puppy.


Sales Agreement


In purchasing the puppy, I agree to the following:


The Buyer agrees upon a $100.00 nonrefundable deposit for the seller to hold the puppy for any length of time.


The buyer agrees to assume all responsibility in regard to proper nutrition and exercise activity.


The buyer fully understands that improper nutrition and excessive exercise can cause injury to the puppy. Buyer also agrees to feed only nationally recognized brands of dog food to their puppy.


Buyer agrees to maintain the health of the puppy and to seek regular veterinary checkups.




Please contact us to make sure the puppy is still available before making payment.

Providing you and your family with a healthy playmate and pet